Rainy day music recomendations, and the wonders of surya namaskar

I've been a fan of Red House Painters for an awfully long time. Last year, I saw Mark Kozelek do an amazing set at Lee's Palace, where he also played some selections from his Sun Kil Moon project. Little Drummer Boy records that tour, including some of the Lee's Palace set. What I found so amazing about that show, is the absolute hush that came over the crowd as Kozelek played. No one sang along, no one talked to their buddies. Everyone simply stood in rapt, respectful awe. A couple acoustic guitars have never been so lush, and so melancholy (and considering all the sensitive types that play acoustic, that's saying something).

I have no idea how well Thom Yorke's solo album Eraser sold. I'd like to think that all the crazy Radiohead types went and snapped it right up. Eraser has got a bit of sound in common with 2003's Hail to the Thief, but it's most definitely not a Radiohead record. Doesn't much matter though; I'd pay to listen to Thom yowl the phone book.

There's a lovely little shoegazer station on live365.com called Vertigo. A little jangly, a lot dreary. Suits the rain, and it suits my mood.

On Saturday night I came up with a surefire cure for hiccoughs*: sun salutations! I only had to do one, with the proper breathing technique (five breaths in the downward dog, if you please), and I was cured.

*Yes, you really can spell it that way.

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