Slice of Life

Ain't he adorable?
  • After a wonderful snow day, had to get up an hour early, and leave warm bed with BoyMan in it to travel across the city to go to work.
  • Zipper on my skirt broke, so I am wearing boots over jeans, which is uncomfortable, and was only supposed to be a weekend snow measure, not a poor fashion choice.
  • Left BoyMan's house at a time that usually gets me to work 20 mins early; the joke was on me.
    I) Huge crowd at Coxwell station.
    II) One empty subway train goes by
    III) Next subway train comes. It's too full. I don't get on.
    IV) Get on the next train. At Yonge get yelled at for not moving out of the way, when there is nowhere to move to, because the people moving around me, won't move single file. This is my fault how? Be the sheeple you are, and follow each other.
    V) Big line for Bathurst streetcar. When it finally does come, the mass of humanity pushes to the doors. Woman on the cell phone in front of me says "This idiot behind me is pushing me." I give her the finger. She turns around to see that, and I say "I'm getting pushed too, what the fuck do you want me to do?" She says "Sorry." I call her a name. She shuts up.
    VI)Am 15 minutes late for work.
  • Get to work and the light above my desk is burned out.
    I)My lamp doesn't work, because it's missing some adapter thing.
    II) Co-worker's lamp doesn't work at my desk, even though all the outlets I tried work for other stuff.
    III)Go to steal light bulb from unused work station, only to find some jackass has screwed it in too tightly, and the bulb has come away from base (the screw-in part). Try to get both pieces out delicately, but -- of course -- succeed in dropping bulb. *smash* Congratulate self on at least being smart enough to have turned the power off before all this happened.
  • And the final indignity: I'm drinking Starbucks coffee. Blech.

    It's a damn good thing I have chai cupcakes with coconut frosting.

    Why is Blogger so weird? It will take the "li" tag, but only as far down as the end of the picture. That does not make sense! MAKE SENSE DAMN YOU! I HAVEN'T THE PATIENCE!
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