RIP Jack Layton

I've been trying to write something about Jack Layton for a day now. I could never do him justice, so this is just a small thing inspired by this stunning panorama of the messages of love and respect at Toronto City Hall.

Maybe it's just me, but isn't this how we should feel about the people we elect to lead us? Shouldn't we trust them with more than our tax bill? Isn't it more important that our leaders believe in all of us, rich and poor, than in separating us by income? I realise it's a bit Pollyanna, but I can't wrap my head around why people accept anything less. Yet they do, and they will. In the meantime, others will continue to do Jack Layton's work, and spread his message that we can always do better than we have before, as Canadians. That's the family he was always talking about; I've never felt it more keenly than now.

The mourning, it seems, has not yet passed.

Patrick Corrigan, The Toronto Star

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Michele said...

Short and sweet. You're right, even when writing my own reflection on it, it was hard to say much of anything that wasn't already eloquently said by others.

Just the mention of that City Hall mural gave me chills again. You're right, this should be the reaction that's evoked by someone who we, as a country, felt/feel so strongly about.