Sweet and Tender Hooligan

This blog is named after a Morrissey* song.  I had the live version on a tape, the b-side of "Interesting Drug."  Driving on the streets of my home-town I'd roll down the windows and crank up the volume and scream et cetera! et cetera! et cetera!.

On Friday I went to see a Morrissey show, my second, eight years after my first. Angry at him for not playing Canada any more, furious at the hypocrisy, but still owing so much.  Below is the last song of the set, before the encore.  When it started I couldn't believe what I was hearing.  This hadn't been on any of the set lists.  For the first 30-odd seconds I just kept saying "Holy shit, holy shit!"

I read later he's not done this live since 1988.  That tape I had.  During the encore of "How Soon is Now" I tried to get over barrier to get that hug I was scared of in 2004.  I didn't make it, but Moz did shake my hand a minute or so later.  I cried, I left the show crying. I sat on the curb in the middle of a boarded up apocalyptic street-scape in Niagara, NY (that they forgot to bomb), and I wept.  Because I was given so much.

We're older.  It just wasn't like the old days any more.  But there are joys, still, to leave you weeping on the curb.

*Yes, originally a Smiths song, but not how I know it.


Karen said...

Beautiful. So jealous of that shirt, too.

Anonymous said...
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