"I'm confused; is this a happy ending or a sad ending?" Book Expo 2007

•A friend from the Penguin booth grabbed me the last William Gibson galley.
•I missed the Kelly Armstrong signing, and it totally ruined my entire day.
•Met Clare Clark, author of The Great Stink, at the pre-party Saturday night. She was lovely, charming, funny, and totally sweet. Good for someone like me who gets completely tongue-tied around authors I like.
•The time seemed to go by much faster this year. Not sure why. (Confession: I'm one of those unfortunates stuck in a booth for two days.)
•Sausage McMuffins are imperative on Sunday morning.

This was the coolest thing ever (and I realise that by saying that I am branded -- now and forever -- a humongous dork*):

*The PhD used to call me that. It was affectionate. I liked it.


ktnflag said...

"It's an ending, that's enough"

Rodrigo said...
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Wil Murray said...

Oh man, the photo is creepy...like you're miniature.

Wil Murray said...

I thought for a second you were wearing a large belt buckle. But no, it is a name tag.

Panic said...

"the photo is creepy"
There's a reason I have that weird look on my face. You would too, if confronted with a giant plastic Homer.

Phyllis said...

Well written article.