Crap, I'm Wearing a Tank Top Today

Like many bloggers, I have a stat counter on my site that tells me where my hits are coming from, referring pages, that sort of thing. It also tells me what google search strings lead to my blog. With a nod to Reject the Kool-Aid, I bring you:

Screen-cap of a google string

You can click on this image to make it larger

Just in case you're not sure what you're looking at, the google user typed in "Rebecca + Eckler + Annoying." Now look at where the user is located.

It's all conjecture of course. There must be thousands of people in Calgary who find Rebecca Eckler annoying. Or maybe... Anyway, it gave me a good chuckle this morning, while I waited for my Unix system to GET ME THAT REPORT ALREADY. *ahem*

As you were.


Wil Murray said...

The best one I ever got was "positions for making babies" from someone in Turkey.
i fear my blog wasn't very helpful to him or her.

Panic said...

Reject the Kool-Aid keeps getting hits about "ass pain." ;)

Milena said...

Ha ha! I love trackin' how ppl end up at my blog -- I've had some of the funniest hits on account of how bloody random mine tends to be.

After changing my blogger template (now all xml, or whatever... which I don't, apparently, understand), I haven't been able to re-connect the tracker I used to use; however, while I had it up, I accumulated some great lists. Here's was the last bunch of greatest hits, which I haven't posted yet:

- derek zoolander funds which school
- oc district attorney william overtoom
- "World Development Indicators" "Womankind Worldwide"
- rotterdam elysium sauna impressed
- what is "modified milk ingredients" lactose content
- turkey hill "maple espresso"
- "shout from their car"
- refrigerator gurgles
- "eye-patch party"
- "What's the most painful dental procedure you've had"
- noel gallagher anais "i have no idea"
- funny dance move grab ankle knee
- "k west" hotel london naked saunas
- how to regain the wasted sexual energy
- All named thomas in contemporani art
- hex platform boots women goth
- blood diamond graz english original
- "real-estate agents" and "cosmetics" and lipstick
- 365 organic cappuccino truffles
- ding ding ding dong tra la la beauty and the geek lyrics
- 2007 email guest books of born again christians women in the denmark [EEEEEK! -ed.]
- a menu of what food we could eat on saturn
- Robbie williams eating cake
- stompy boots feminism
- sodium alginate genestra toronto
- meowgrrl33 dressed as a tape dispenser

"Stompy boots feminism" and "a menu of what food we could eat on saturn" are among my faves ;-)

Panic said...

Ha! I like "meowgrrl33 dressed as a tape dispenser."
It took me a while to figure out where to put the stat counter in Blogger 2 as well.
1) Go to the "dashboard"
2) Click "layout"
3) On the right hand side there is this:
Add a Page Element
Click it. You will want to add HTML/JavaScript element
4)That's where you will want to put the code for your stat counter.


Wil Murray said...

Wow this Toronto city is rather small. I think I answered Milena's questionnaire on Simplposie last week.

Wil Murray said...

That's Simpleposie

Panic said...

I was wondering if you might know her, Wil, with you being Art and she being Curator and all. :)

Wil Murray said...


Panic said...

I had to stop talking about your pants for like, 5 seconds. :P

Milena said...

Hey Wil! Yup, that was me - I thought I recognized your name =-) Small, small world ;-)

Panic: merci bien for the blogger 2 tips! whoo!

Nikki Stafford said...

LOL! That's hilarious... looks like The Fiance has some time on his hands. ;)

The weirdest search I had on mine was "the Cadillac of nail guns" and I thought how the hell did someone find me using that?? And then I did a search and lo and behold... I'd used the phrase. Wow.

Megan said...

Now, why would the Finance have time on his hands? Hmmm...